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The Gnomes are the official gatekeepers along with the awesome volunteer work & support from the Shire of Dardanup in the Ferguson Valley, Western Australia.

Gnomesville Directions

Gnomesville is located on the Eastern Junction Roundabout of Wellington Mill Road and Ferguson Road in Wellington Mill, Western Australia 6236.

If you are entering the destination via GPS or for exact Google co-ordinates try…

LOT 4059 Wellington Mill Road, Wellington Mill, Western Australia 6236
Alternatively try…
74 Japonica View, Dardanup, Western Australia 6236
Either address will get you very close and below is a Google map showing exactly where Gnomesville is…

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More About the City of Gnomes

Gnomesville is one of those places that everyone is curious to explore and has been discussed all over the world.

The small, lovable additions to the garden are often seen as a joke; however, there is something mysterious surrounding these small garden ornaments.

There are remarkably few people who know exactly how Gnomesville appeared; however, there are several different stories. Some people believe that a random gnome appeared, and other people placed their gnomes so the original one would not be lonely.

Another story is that the local workmen created a cricket scene with gnomes in the middle of the roundabout for fun!

Regardless of why the gnomes live in Gnomesville, this community of fascinating gnomes has grown to an immense scale.

You will find the community situated in the South of Western Australia.

The exact location can be found off the roundabout which links Wellington Mill Road and Ferguson Road, in the Ferguson Valley.

As you approach the area, you will begin to see the gnomes, they are everywhere, and become quite intimidating. It is estimated that there are now over 5000 different gnomes living in Gnomesville, and this number is continuously growing.

Every gnome has a place, and they are all fascinating to discover.

Gnomes are extremely magical creatures, and often you will see a glint in their eye, representing their mischievous character. The history surrounding garden gnomes has them portrayed as mystical fairytale creatures, which come to life at night to help in the garden. Many gardeners feel that gnomes bring good luck to their crops, and encourage them to grow healthily and strong.

This area has now become a massive tourist attraction, with visitors from all over the world coming to add to the community. Tour companies sell excursions to visit this area, and people are encouraged to bring their own personalized gnome. Whether you want your gnome to be enjoying the sunshine, fishing, playing cricket, or joining the rock band, there is a place for every single gnome.

If you want your gnome to be included into the Gnomesville community, it will need to have an identity.

Your Gnome will need to have a sign that indicates where it is from, and any other relevant information. As you wander through the huge collection of gnomes, you will be amazed at how far they have travelled. There are gnomes from New York, England, Ireland and Spain proving that the love for gnomes is worldwide.

Many gnome lovers believe that Gnomesville is where all gnomes should be, to enjoy the freedom of the beautiful countryside.

There have been occasions when gnomes have been stolen from homes, to set them free in the community. This is not the acceptable way for a gnome to join the community and only legally owned gnomes are welcome.

Alongside the gnomes going about their daily business, you can enjoy the tranquil surroundings in the picnic area. The surrounding countryside is beautiful, and there is no wonder why the Gnomes choose to stay in this area. Many visitors make a full day of visiting Gnomesville, and some people enjoy exploring the local area. Once you have visited Gnomesville, you can keep update with the community through Facebook or the website.


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