What was your experience when you visited Gnomesville?

Gnomesville Gnomes

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Here is what a few people think about Gnomesville…


“Fell in love with it, been back a few times, just keeps getting bigger and bigger!!”

Review by: Dianne Gail Rowe 5/5/2015


“Magical and bizarre at the same time. Liked it :)”

Review by: Farai Makwi 28/4/2015


“So random but cool! There’s a lot of gnomes and some are creative.”

Review by: Steven Slicer 23/4/2015


“Awesome I love my day here ,im from QLD on a holiday nd theres nothing like that up there
Ive got a Gnome of my own there now”

Review by: Karen McGarry 15/4/2015


“This place is insanely amazing! It is massive. I love it! Your inner child is expressed and released no matter what age you are. Visiting this place was a fantastic experience ☺”

Review by: Missy Tibbett 7/4/2015


“Awesome. well worth the drive. thousands upon thousands of gnomes stretching through the bush.”

Review by: AJ Lee 7/3/2015


“Love love love gnomesville ! A family favorite”

Review by: Pips Carboon 06/1/2015


“What did the Gnome say when I asked him for a dollar? “Im sorry but Im a little short”….”

Review by: Jason Washfold 21/01/2015


“Hi there. I lived in balingup when i was about 9, and left WA when i was about 13. Many happy childhood memories there. One i missed out on was gnomesville! IM 33 now, and 4 years ago i was pregnant when i first walked through magical gnomesville.

Its just an awesome creation. I visited again today ( i now live in NT) and my 4 year old son is absolutely fascinated in the peaceful place. 4in just 4 years it has tripled in size. Truly amazing and unforgettable. Its apart of our family tradition now .

Thankyou to all who make it possible. We yet are to share and create our own gnome family. And we hope to to come back in another 4 years! Thankyou for the memories gnomesville!”

Review by: Misshappyone 11/12/2014


“Love Gnomesville!! Always something new!”

Review by: Sue Deeks 11/12/2014


“Very original, great location in the middle of valley”

Review by: Antonio Nahum Esquivel Murillo 11/12/2014


“I think it’s a great place to take the kids. And don’t forget to add your own to the collection.”

Review by: Heather Stewart 11/11/2014


“Awesome – we’ve been a few times now and it just keeps on growing!”

Review by: Eileen & Adrian 28/10/2003


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